Palisade Partners is a boutique real estate development firm focusing on developing modern multifamily projects in Central Denver. Palisade projects feature central locations and LEED ratings, reflecting our emphasis on building sustainable units with high-end finishes and modern-day amenities.


Palisade seeks to stand apart from the crowd by looking for projects that provide value and safety of investment; Palisade looks for deals where and when others are not. With this approach, and through conservative underwriting, we seek to provide capital appreciation for our investors. Palisade Partners was founded in 2009 by Paul Books. Due to the economic troubles of the time, Mr. Books sensed an opportunity to find multifamily real estate investments at attractive prices.


Mr. Books began by strategically acquiring and renovating apartment buildings in Central Denver neighborhoods. In 2011, with prices on existing properties skyrocketing, Palisade Partners began development of two new construction multifamily rental properties, acquiring land for well under what was paid even a year later. Palisade has continued to focus on new construction and is currently developing a number of projects, including rental apartments with retail components and for-sale townhomes.