Summit Sky Ranch

Silverthorne, Colorado

About This Property

Discover a community dedicated to the active mountain lifestyle.  Envision clean lines meeting organic shapes in total harmony.  Defined by the landscape, rather than shaping it, we are creating 240, detached, single family homesites in the heart of the Blue River Valley.  Our vision is to redefine what it means to own a home in the heart of Summit County.  After all, some people own a place in the mountains.  The mountains own a place in others.  We’re for the latter.

Summit Sky Ranch is a community of 240 single-family properties built brilliantly to blend into the 416-acre property.  With a focus on open space and conservation, and maintaining an active, vibrant community, our lots and home options are designed to combine the organic shapes of a mountain property with the clean lines of modern styling and architecture.

Originally homesteaded in the 1860’s, the property known as Maryland Creek Ranch was first used as ranch land for hay production and  Scottish Highland Cattle.  There were originally 8 families that staked homestead claims on the nearly 1100-acres of Maryland Creek Ranch, each with their very own brand.

Because the land sat along the Blue River Stage Line, it made for easy transport of the beef up and down the Blue River Valley from the Williams Fork up to Silverthorne.

Today, that ranching tradition continues at Maryland Creek Ranch, where over 12 head of cattle graze.

Now, dawn is breaking on the next phase of this majestic property.


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