Palisade Partners’ commitment to community-based development is evidenced by its legacy of community involvement, outreach, and historic and cultural preservation.  Paul Books, founder and president of Palisade Partners, has become a recognized and highly regarded leader in community-oriented development.  Paul has been involved with the Five Points Business District (FPBD) Board since 2013 and has been a member since 2014.  The FPBD is focused on business development, cultural promotion and preservation, and holistic revitalization of Welton Street and the broader Five Points neighborhood.  Paul also played an instrumental role in the creation of the Five Points Business Improvement District (FPBID).  He worked closely with the FPBD staff, property owners along Welton Street, and the City of Denver in helping to win neighborhood approval for the FPBID.  Since the creation of the FPBID, Paul has served as the president of this important organization.


Paul channels his passion for bringing communities together through his projects at Palisade Partners.  He keeps the community updated and involved beginning in the design and planning stages and throughout the completion of the project.  Please refer to the individual property pages in our portfolio to learn more about the historical and community connections of each property.