The Rossonian Hotel

2650 Welton St.

About This Property

The former Rossonian Hotel and its lounge were the beating heart of Five Points and one of the most famous jazz clubs in the West. This landmark 21,000 square foot building, built in 1912, with an addition built in 1994, has been largely underutilized since the mid-20th century.

Palisade’s vision is to restore the Rossonian to its original uses – boutique hotel, restaurant, and music venue, respecting the rich history of the neighborhood while being inclusive of the existing Five Points community. Palisade’s intention from the beginning has been to restore the Rossonian Hotel in a way that preserves the rich jazz and African American culture and transforms it back into the living room of the community. Palisade has specifically asked the neighborhood what is most important for this building’s retail and office spaces as well as how the residential programs can meet neighborhood needs. Palisade also requested ideas and feedback on public art that will be incorporated into the building design. An important consideration for the Rossonian and 26th and Welton are how it can be designed to meet additional needs that Palisade’s other Welton Street projects may not have available.

The preliminary design calls for a ground floor restaurant, a basement jazz and music venue, and a fourth-floor addition. Floors two through four will contain boutique hotel rooms. Palisade has partnered with prominent members of the Five Points neighborhood and local businesses in order to bring the vision to life.


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